Juard van Dijkhorst

Wherever the winds take me.

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  1. Gestalten
  2. CustomMade
  3. Spark in 60 by IDSA NYC
  4. Yancey Strickler
  5. Josh Clason
  6. Pecha-Kucha STL
  7. Ross Payton
  8. Cody Gregory
  9. Austin
  10. Brian Moore
  11. Max Rosen
  12. Ed Moore
  13. Peter Lacy
  14. strader payton
  15. James Kanka
  16. Evan Glodell
  17. jessica Brothers
  18. Shiny Propaganda Machine

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  1. Love your subjects and style. What are you using for your dolly/tracking shots?
  2. Loved it. What lens where you using?