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I make lupus music videos. butudontlooksick.wordpress.com/
11 criteria to dx lupus: youtu.be/iNiXZFmHx-g
Lupus pals video: youtu.be/nuQW8zMkKN4
Lupus pals qt for apple ipads: youtu.be/n8A-8xClIdo
My Lupus video: youtu.be/7CyhNS8tLOM
Malar Rash: youtu.be/M8OQbHkofIY
Headaches: youtu.be/1jdeExzKkx0
Discoid rash lupus: youtu.be/QVYn1f5YJKM
Lupus Fatigue: youtu.be/foHX-Hp-dE4
Myoclonic Seizures: youtu.be/ATniV0drkC8
Head Rash: youtube.com/watch?v=QVYn1f5YJKM

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  1. Hi Robert Z, Love your vids! I'd like to ask if I can use pieces from your "Monarch Butterfly" video-giving appropriate credit of course to you. I make lupus music videos. (when I am able) I stay active in lupus support groups and I work part…