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Sheffield, UK

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Julian Cole is a composer and producer principally writing for moving image and the media. He is also a classically trained musician and has extensive experience composing, producing and performing music of all kinds.

During his time studying at Leeds College of Music Julian was fortunate enough to study under the guidance of BAFTA award winning composer Paul Joyce, and BAFTA nominated composer Neil Myers. This, as well as gaining other valuable experiences at the conservatoire helped greatly develop his skills in the field of composing, producing and arranging and also helped him gain a first class degree from one of the most prestigious education establishments for his specialised subject.

Being a classically trained musician as well as having a strong interest in contemporary music, Julian is able to compose in a great diversity of different styles and genres. This, alongside having a great passion for cinema and film allows him to work enthusiastically alongside directors to produce a professional musical score to enhance the project in hand.

As well as composing music to film and television, music can also be commissioned for use in radio production, websites and computer games. Production music is also available at lower rates than original commissions. Please contact Julian to arrange a commission, to buy the rights to production music or to enquire about his services.


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