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I am the founder of:




PureOnlineGenius.com is the UK's No.1 digtial marketing agency for small to medium sized enterprises

YouReportTV.com is Europes FIRST 100% user generated news website

I am a passionate, extremely hard working entrepeneur with a vision to helping the world. How? By helping myself, then my family, my friends, my community...you get the idea

I mentor a number of small and start up businesses in the UK.

My door is open to any young entrepeneurs who need help and advice on any of the following, which in my experience are common problems.

1. Understanding if you have a "business" and not just an "idea"
2. How to get funding from the bank, a business angel, a venture capitalist
3. How to build your team
4. When to go full time in your business
5. How to pitch your idea to funders and partners.

...and many many more. All of the above I've done or have experience in on some level.

Remember - when you're looking for advice, get it from people who have been there and done it. Typically our friends and family are all 'back seat' entrepeneurs and have the best intentions - not experience - which is invaluable

"In order to lead you must be able to serve"

To your success!

Julian Hall

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