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Melbourne, Australia

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Julian Vincent Costanzo attempted to make his first feature film at the age of 18, it never saw the light of day, but he shot it. 6 months of weekends and a lot of embarrassing, and some surprising footage - his passion for Producing was born. Since he has produced and directed 4 music videos and over 10 short films, including “Jumping Jack” which premiered at Falls Creek Film Festival in 2008 and won Runner Up Best Short at Melbourne Underground Film Festival in 08. His latest Shorts “Lemonade Stand” directed by Alethea Jones won the Tropfest Short Film Competition in 2012 and “Dave’s Dead” premiered at Sydney Film Festival competing in the Dendy Short Film Awards and was selected for Melbourne International Film Festival in 2012.

For two years Julian production-managed commercials before moving into Drama. He is currently Production Secretary at Neighbours and produces personal projects in his spare time with talented filmmakers like The Cameralla & Alethea Jones.