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I'm an actress, writer and DP. I've always been a very artsy person and a big dreamer. Anything that had either to do with acting, singing, dancing or arts and crafts was my specialty and nobody could take that from me. But it didn't end there. I constantly have new ideas and things I want to try out and I'm not afraid to go that step and actually do it. Currently I have about five to six different jobs, because I like the changes and constantly having to deal with new challenges and obsticles that come my way. I feel like that's the only way for me to grow as an artist and a person. This way I have experienced life situations, other people can only dream off.

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Subscribe to my youtube channel: youtube.com/user/JuliaReesActress, visit my website: juliarees.com, check me out on imdB page: imdb.me/juliarees or follow me on twitter: @julia_rees.

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