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Julie E. Manso has been working and collaborating in the media arts since 1998. She is a graduate of the Hallmark Institute of Photography and the Art Institute of New York City. Originally from northeast Connecticut, Julie comes from a family of photographers. Her great-grandmother, Alice Jackson Shaw, founded a children's portrait studio in 1929 and her mother, Amanda Shaw Manso, is owner of A.J. Shaw Studios in Eastford, CT.
Julie began her career in photography in 1999, when she was hired as the sole product and food photographer at the largest health food distributor in the U.S. After six years in the commercial photography business she relocated to Providence, RI where she worked as a freelance editorial photographer for a popular publication.
In 2010, Julie relocated to New York City to broaden her skills in the motion picture field of cinematography and screenwriting. While attending school, Julie worked as a peer tutor and teacher's assistant, she was Director of Photography on nine student thesis films, won the Presidential Scholarship Award, and upon graduation was awarded Best Portfolio for her effort and dedication to her craft.
Julie is currently collaborating on six film projects including two short comedy films, two documentaries, and two student thesis films. She is also busy writing a full feature screenplay taking place during the height of the Harlem Renaissance.

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