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I am experienced in graphic & motion design and in visual identity. I’m a self-taught man, and i have been a professionnal freelance designer since 2001. Then my passion became my job when i first was asked for design works, while i was still going to school.

Selected artist in the category «Electronic Arts» of the Biennal of Young Creators from Europe and the Mediterranean in 2001, i benefited from the medias back up of this great event to make myself known through my artistic works, in order to carry off personal projects, parallel to my works on order.

I have always been devoted in sharing my knowledge and views on graphic design as a part of the team of journalists working in «Studio Multimedia» French magazine, published by Posse Press. I also published books on Photoshop and GIMP, and recorded more than 300 tutorials on the most popular software (Adobe, The Foundry, Gimp) on Tuto.com, using a screencasting process.

I’m also Photoshop and After Effects educator in one the best visual effects & CG school worldwide, ArtFX. We are training and preparing the next generation of compositing artists in the industry leading studios such as Moving Picture Company, Double Negative, The Mill, Mikros Image, Mac Guff Line, Buf Company, Ubi Soft and many more.

I’m always learning new techniques and improving my cultural knowledge, to go further in my visual style and research.
I am constantly looking for opportunities to work with a team of people to create the best looking computer graphics and user experiences within a given budget and schedule. I always aspire to work with inspiring artists and engineers.

Are you looking for a designer ? Contact me!.

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