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JULIE PECQUET works both, on-camera and behind the scenes. On-camera she is an actress, a performer, a judge and sometimes a dancer, behind the scenes she works as art director, choreographer, assistant director and artist coach. The same thing goes for her work on stage and backstage.
In France she was extensively trained in dance and acting and in Hamburg she studied dance education at the Lola Rogge School. Followed by numerous trips and dance workshops (Edge in Los Angeles, Millenium in Los Angeles, Broadway Dance Center in New York and Studio Harmonic in Paris) and acting workshops (Arturo Acting School in Cologne, Stuntfighting Academy in Hamburg and International Voice in Berlin).
Julie started teaching dance therapy workshops in 2011.
She has dedicated her life to discovering, defining, intensifying and merging dance, an expression of body and soul, in all ways of life. In one way, through Lilith's Daughters (the daughters of Lilith, the first dancer), because the divine dances in everybody.

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