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Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Jurgen Lisse (1982) is a Surinamese creative cameraman and video editor. His interest for AV started during his high school years, when he challenged himself to take over the Surinamese video clip market. Leaving his school for following his dreams, he taught himself the ins and outs of filming and started as an independent music video clip producer in Suriname. In (year) he was one of the most innovative cameraman/editor, who produced high level video clips for the new urban generation of hip hop, dancehall and new traditional music in Suriname. In these days he also produced a video clip for Damaru, Surinamese own Michael Jackson. Years later Damaru was signed by record label Top Notch (NL) and became popular in the Netherlands. And Jurgen Lisse’s video clip was played over and over again on Dutch television.

In 2006 he had the opportunity to sit beside the camera crew on the film set of the successful Dutch television serie Gooise vrouwen in the Netherlands. A new interest was born for Jurgen Lisse. He decided to leave the video clips and started to work for Fawaka Creations. This Surinamese media organization creates commercials, news items (for RTL 4, a Dutch television company) and (short) documentaries for the Dutch and Surinamese market. For Fawaka Creations Jurgen Lisse filmed and edited news reports under enormous pressure and tight deadlines in a great part of the Caribbean. For example reports about the Natalie Holloway case and FARK in Columbia. Later in 2008, he once again hit the Surinamese market with an impressive video clip about domestic violence. Surinamese media and music connoisseurs called it the first high quality Surinamese video clip ever. In 2009 Jurgen Lisse partly filmed and completely edited in HD the World War II documentary Mayday in the West (dir. Dave Edhard), a documentary which would then be called the best documentary ever made by Surinamese filmmakers. That same year he worked (camera/editing) with director Felix de Rooy on a series of short films of the Maroon culture for an exhibition called Art of survival to be opened in November 2009 in Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen (Amsterdam).

In August 2009 Jurgen Lisse decided it was time for a new chapter and started to work as a free lance cameraman and editor with his own fully equipped studio. Besides his commercial work, he wants to focus on video art. His first aim in that field is his participation as a video-artist in a exhibition (February 2010) of several known and upcoming Surinamese artist, directed by Christopher Cozier and Thomas Meijer. September 2009

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