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I don’t remember much about myself from my childhood. However, one thing I remember clearly is how when I was a child, I would run around the house repeating lines from famous films like The Godfather and Die Hard. As I became older, I would practice lines and mimic actor’s mannerisms and expressions. Once high school came around, I began acting in theater with the Emanon Players of Absegami High School. In college, I was always the first one to volunteer to act for fellow film students. Although throughout my life acting was something I was presumptuous about and loved, deep down I was extremely passionate about filmmaking.

My journey as a filmmaker is intertwined with my relationship to acting. I'm constantly fascinated by the ability to put oneself in somebody else’s shoes, especially since people are my source of inspiration. Every person has a story, a script, if you will, a script that is being constantly written. Even after death, these scripts still live on in the minds and hearts of other human beings, and those human beings have their stories and so on.

My work is a reflection of my experiences and interactions with people I’ve met or observed throughout my life. My mission is to effectively portray everyday life and the critical junctures or epiphanies one may have using a minimalistic and natural approach to pre-production and a complex, immersive style of filming. I’m captivated by extreme close ups and vivid detail which allows my audience to envision a story through a perspective that the human eye cannot normally see. This style of film making allows me to deliver various emotions that audiences can relate to and understand. I was able to achieve this is my short music video The Wanderer, where there is no dialogue, no story, only shots of a man walking down a jetty into the ocean and staring off into the sunset. If the audience can take a moment such as that in The Wanderer, and can immerse themselves into the character, then my mission is a success.

My commercial work has been seen locally on Adult Swim, spike TV and I have worked with several clients on various Indie film productions, live music events, fashion shows and much more.

Professional Experience with:
Canon DSLR's (T2i, 5D MkII, 7D, 60D)
Panasonic HVX200, HPX300 and 500
Sony HDV cameras

ARRI Lights, Kino-flos. Experienced with chroma key lighting.

Editing: Final Cut Pro 7.


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