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justalilhype! Magazine is, first and foremost, a magazine that features the street culture of Canadian metropolitan centers Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto. Within street culture, justalilhype! emphasizes their focus on the elements of hip-hop, including graffiti, DJ-ing, break dancing, and emceeing. In addition to the elements of hip-hop, justalilhype! focuses on street fashion and skateboarding as well. Within justalilhype!, you will find interviews, editorials, pictures, events, and much much more.

Above and beyond this, justalilhype! is a movement that pushes the limits and the talents of those involved in the creative side of street culture, whether it is the work ethics of an artist or the sounds a DJ makes. The Crew members of justalilhype! becomes involved with the lives of those they interview and feature, becoming more than just a magazine feature experience.

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