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    by Kacey Baker joined

    2,721 Videos 1,116 Members

    Home to footage shot on Red Epic, Scarlet, R1, Dragon & Raven.

  2. Zeiss Otus lenses - User and fan group

    by Torben Greve joined

    49 Videos 52 Members

    This group is dedicated to the world's greatest DSLR lenses: Zeiss Otus At the moment the family of lenses only count the 55mm 1.4 and the 85mm 1.4, which is available in a ZF and a ZE…

  3. Cinematography Reel

    by Yuki Noguchi joined

    1,613 Videos 1,101 Members

    Share your cinematography reel with other filmmakers!


    by Red motion joined

    1,212 Videos 630 Members

    For all people intrested Red Camera

  5. Phantom users

    by Michael R. Brazeau joined

    72 Videos 346 Members

    For anyone who thinks a 1,000 frames a second makes everything look cooler.

  6. The RED Room

    by Maarten Toner joined

    1,853 Videos 920 Members

    Welcome to the RED Room, this is a group for sharing RED videos and experiences. Feel free to sign up and add any RED related videos, this can be your own material or "behind the scenes"…

  7. Public Art

    by Olaf Henze joined

    12.6K Videos 3,361 Members

    A space for any kind of PUBLIC ART: Group will display paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, installations, media, music, dance, fashion&style, interesting people and so on. Join us! Watch…

  8. The Story Beyond The Still

    by Blake Whitman joined

    235 Videos 10.2K Members

    It was the first ever and largest user-generated HD video contest in history, where photographers became filmmakers and we all saw beyond the still. Month after month, aspiring filmmakers were invited…

  9. Canon EOS 7D

    by Bernard Maltais joined

    44.7K Videos 11.1K Members

    Aug 26 2010 update: Interested in the Canon EOS 60D? Join the group: http://vimeo.com/groups/eos60d --- At first glance it looks a lot like the EOS 50D - it's unmistakably a member of…

  10. Director Of Photography Demo Reels

    by Andrew Kurchinski joined

    962 Videos 794 Members

    This is a Group dedicated to showcase Director Of Photography Demo Reels.

  11. demo reels

    by OutFluxCG joined

    3,268 Videos 1,931 Members

  12. After Effects

    by Kevin Hosford joined

    40.3K Videos 8,514 Members

    You got skills in After Effects, Why not showcase and showoff them skills and maybe inspire or be inspired by some equally talented people Kev :).Your admin

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