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Life is beautiful, precious, and awe inspiring at times and being able to capture those moments is what I love to do. I find my passion is in capturing God's amazing creation. People are part of God's amazing creation. Everyone I meet has a story or creative talent that I find inspiring to myself. This is what drives me to be creative through all of the different videos I am able to make. Working with talented and creative, artists/musicians has been a huge inspiration to me and my work. I look forward to all video projects and ideas that come my way.

Make sure to head on over to my heavensent films vimeo page for more videos and info - vimeo.com/heavensentfilms

Want to see more about who I am and what heavensent films is all about then go check out heavensentfilms.com

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Also check out Hailey Jasmine Designs. We design & paint custom wood signs with our hope to bring some joy into your life through each sign we make. For more info go to
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