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Brooklyn, NY, USA

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Justin Joseph Hall was born on the Castle Air Force Base in California in 1986. As a child he saw his father make and edit a video for his co-worker, already he was a critic. He thought, "Oh, it's easy. If my dad can do it, I can do it." In his adolescents he created short narratives with his family and friends, just so he could sequence clips together, long before he discovered non-linear editing software. In college he decided to follow this path of film and video and studied Production and Post-Production at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. During this time he worked with Jewelry Television in live television, spent time in Europe and was quickly hired as a Technician at the TV Studios at the University of Minnesota. He was hired on several projects, shooting and editing. Justin then began a working as an editor for Entropy Films, in collaboration with Getty Images and Harvard. He has completed works in documentary, business, informational, educational, and narrative video. Justin continues to conjure natural, yet eye-catching video that captures audiences' minds based in Brooklyn, New York.

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