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Justin Kelly’s feature directorial debut, I am Michael (starring James Franco, Zachary Quinto, and Emma Roberts, and executive produced by Gus Van Sant), premiered at both Sundance and Berlin’s 2015 festivals. His short films Front, Debris, and Girl! have screened worldwide while his music videos have premiered on MTV. After obtaining a cinema degree from San Francisco State University, he directed promotional content and edited documentaries for Current TV, assisted producers, directors, and editors on films such as Almost Famous and Milk, worked as a narrative feature film editor on The Wait (starring Chloe Sevigny & Jena Malone) and Highland Park (starring Danny Glover and Parker Posey), and served as a screenwriter for the official Rod Serling biopic (a detailed portrait of the man behind the Twilight Zone). Justin lives in Los Angeles where he’s represented by CAA and managed by LBI.

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