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  1. 01:05:46

    Blog Mixing

    by Justin Lincoln

    32 Videos

    A series of video remixes of my blog. (2007-2009)

  2. 00:00

    Calarts 2000-2002

    by Justin Lincoln

    5 Videos

    Made while at Grad school.

  3. 00:00


    by Justin Lincoln

    5 Videos

    With Students and Friends

  4. 00:00

    Dance Videos

    by Justin Lincoln

    4 Videos

    Most of these were shot in Japan between 2002-2006.

  5. 00:00

    Erik Snyder Video Memorial

    by Justin Lincoln

    7 Videos

    Dedicated to Erik Snyder. Posthumous collaborations and memorials.

  6. 00:00

    ETC Mixes

    by Justin Lincoln

    10 Videos

    Made at the Experimental Television Center.

  7. 00:00

    Home movies

    by Justin Lincoln

    3 Videos

    Unvarnished tidbits of life with the family.

  8. 00:00

    Japan 2002-2006

    by Justin Lincoln

    11 Videos

    From my time teaching English, getting my head together after Grad school, and trying to develop my eye.

  9. 00:00


    by Justin Lincoln

    5 Videos

    A Video scrapbook starring my son.

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