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Bay Area, CA

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Since 1999, Justin McRoberts has carved out a niche for himself in the independent music scene as a songwriter, author and an advocate. He is one of those rare artists who blends artistry, honesty and humor seamlessly.

In much the same way that Anne Lamott has written “music lets us meet in places we couldn’t get to any other way,” Justin McRoberts believes songwriting and storytelling help people to see clearly. ”In and through art,” Justin writes “we can learn to understand ourselves and our world more completely; less fragmented or uninspired, but rather as part of a cohesive, Divinely-orchestrated story.” Sharing his songs and stories with an audience is where Justin’s gifts are most fully realized.  His live shows strike a delicate balance between intellect and emotion, which allows him to approach difficult subject matter with his listeners.  While his audiences are diverse, from playing for congregates in a small rural church, to young professionals in DC, most of Justin’s schedule is made up of appearances on college campuses in the continental US.

Central to Justin’s work is advocacy on behalf of the poor and oppressed through Compassion International. “Not only do the poor need us,” he writes “we need the poor to remind us what being human is about.  In the same way that the poor learn to identify themselves with their lack, the wealthy learn to identify themselves with their wealth.  It is in the meeting of the two that we can recognize ourselves and one another as human.” 

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