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A southern gentleman and time traveler, Justin is the writer, director and producer of numerous commercial and narrative projects, including the award-winning short film “Restitution.” He studied at the Georgia Tech School of Architecture, winning the Grand Prix for his thesis film project, titled “hypertecture.” After graduating, Justin practiced at the world renowned architecture firm Mack Scogin Merrill Elam. His passion for design and storytelling led to a career in set design and art direction, working for feature films and television including “Hunger Games: Mockingjay,” "Prisoners," "42: The Jackie Robinson Story," "Last Vegas," "The Walking Dead," and "Halt and Catch Fire." In 2009, he founded Alchemy Set, a narrative and commercial production company dedicated to creating deliberate and evocative moving pictures. He lives in Atlanta, Ga. with his beautiful wife and four lovely children.


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