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Toronto, Ontario

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Justin Stephenson is a moving image designer and creative director.

His title design work includes main titles for David Cronenberg's films Maps to the Stars, Cosmopolis, and A Dangerous Method, Eli Roth's Hemlock Grove, Nathan Morlando's Edwin Boyd.

He recently created the video design and projections for Fujuwara Dance Inventions' production of Eunoia which was featured at Worldstage 2014.

Justin also recently produced and designed a literacy based childrens' series for TVO entitled Story Explorers.

Justin has a graduate degree in Communications and Culture from York and Ryerson Universities. His research interests focus on remixing practices as a method of translation.

The Complete Works, his film based on the work of Canadian author, bpNichol, is close to completion and is due for release in fall of 2014.

Justin like bacon, boxing and bad TV. He dislikes inattentive waiters, loud dogs in the morning and beat poetry.

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