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Chicago, IL USA

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Justin David Swibel (b. 1 April 1983 in Evanston, Illinois, USA)

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After growing up as a cinephile & dedicated still photographer, New York Film Academy's high school filmmaking workshop at Universal Studios, Hollywood provided Justin with a short film suitable for submission to New York University's Tisch School Of The Arts (from which he subsequently earned his B.F.A. in 2005). In the summer of 2002, Justin formed his main media entity, Starmaker Productions, which produced his 1st big-budget short film, "Sunset Town." Film premiered at the Lake Placid Film Festival, as a "Spotlight Short." Canada's trendy Anti-Matter Film Festival called it "a dark and brilliant farce." In Summer 2003, Justin made his 2nd big-budget short, "Fault," which screened at over 60 festivals internationally, taking several top prizes; ultimately showing in Kodak's Emerging Filmmaker Showcase at Festival De Cannes. "Fault" is now distributed by Shorts International, home to the short film catalogs of Alfred Hitchcock and Peter Greenaway, among others. "Fault" is available via Shorts HD, live on DirecTV in the USA & UK; for sale on iTunes in 23 territories. In 2006, Swibel made his feature debut with an experimental 61-minute film called "Modern Man." Theatrically exhibited in LA & New York in Winter 2006 & Spring 2007, respectively; glowingly reviewed by The New York Times, which noted Swibel's "assured style," dubbed the film "a droll parable...you will leave the theater seeing the world with fresh eyes." In 2012, Swibel completed his 3rd short film, "Cocaine Jungle;" optioned a feature screenplay to an established production company in NYC. He is the principal writer of the film and is attached as Director & Co-Producer.

By: John Fleischer

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