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Willow River, Minnesota

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My only experience with filming is from using my mom's new video camera and filming my kids high school play, and my daughter's high school graduation. Before that, Cinematics class from Junior high. The class was great, I don't remember much, just that I had a lot of fun and expected that this would become a part of my life. Of course, that was junior high. Mid-life has found me without any such experience, but if I'm lucky the next forty or fifty years will make me rich (as in knowledge) with experience (course money will be accepted).

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  1. Yuck snow! But all I can think of is my son and his friends being not much different than you! You are making the sun shine and the snow fall and smiles on your face mean life is real and happening!
  2. Reminds me of my mom who wouldn't do something about Tiger in the building he got stuck in next to the duplex we were living in in Saint Paul. This movie is great, but it only reminds of a very stupid and lazy parent, unwilling to put something out…