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  1. 23:46

    SeedSpot Demo Day December 2014

    by Kaard Bombe

    9 Videos

    Pitches from the December 2014 edition of SeedSpot's Demo Day at the Herberger Theater.

  2. 33:53

    SeedSpot Demo Day June 2014

    by Kaard Bombe

    8 Videos

    Videos from the June 2014 SeedSpot Demo Day at the Orpheum Theater in downtown Phoenix, Arizona.

  3. 01:19:42


    by Kaard Bombe

    6 Videos

    Videos from the drug documentaries Overtaken & Overtaken 2 - Where Are They Now. To find more information about these films, visit onechoicecandestroy.com, or facebook.com/OvertakenFilm

  4. 08:28:01


    by Kaard Bombe

    18 Videos

    Wedding films, shot for both companies and freelance, from all across Arizona! See more information at cvanrensburgphoto.com

  5. 17:07

    The Colorado River Re-Storied

    by Kaard Bombe

    9 Videos

    The Colorado River Re-Storied is a collection of "stories of place" shared by individuals with direct experience--or distant love--of the Colorado River. The project seeks to “re-story”…

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