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  1. 57:22


    by Kai Staats

    7 Videos

    Nearly every day we read articles about great, scientific discoveries, and quote science facts we read or hear from friends. We use advanced technology in the palm of our hands that not too long ago…

  2. 02:48:59


    by Kai Staats

    7 Videos

    In the fall of 2013 I was asked to join the 134th crew to enter the Mars Society MDRS (Mars Desert Research Station) outside of Hanksville, Utah, to capture life in this simulated Mars habitat. The…

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  4. 40:10

    Monitor Gray

    by Kai Staats

    1 Video

    In the shadow of a shattered U.S. economy where States are seceding from the Union, one man gains prominence, wealth, and power by defeating cancer through what he claims is the hand of God. Monitor…

  5. 17:59

    Explorations in Film

    by Kai Staats

    6 Videos

    "Experiments, explorations in storytelling or simply having fun with my camera and in post production." --kai

  6. 02:39:14


    by Kai Staats

    13 Videos

    This is a collection of short and feature length, proper documentary and educational shorts shot in the documentary style. The topics are diverse, the style varied. Each works to best capture the…

  7. 08:06

    Ron Spomer Outdoors

    by Kai Staats

    4 Videos

    These four shorts provide examples in Education, Product Promotion, and Hunting Adventures. In the time I worked with Ron Spomer Outdoors, our goal was to create a diversity of films to demonstrate…

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