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Founded in 2009 in Milan, KALEIDOSCOPE is the international art media company defined by its curatorial and interdisciplinary attitude towards the New. A combination of ambitious content and iconic design makes it a meeting point for contemporary art and creative communities around the world.

KALEIDOSCOPE Videoclub is a new online platform dedicated to artists video and experimental film, an extension of the printed magazine that stems from a reflection upon modes of distribution and reception of moving image in the Internet era. Hosting curated programs conceived either as thematic explorations or monographic surveys, the website aims to give access to rarely seen works while reinventing the concept of the film club as a digital space for experiencing and discussing art. Contents are uploaded on a regular basis, disseminated through the social media, and occasionally accompanied by screening events at KALEIDOSCOPE’s project space in Milan and other international partner venues—pursuing our idea that the magazine is an open platform which can exist in print, online, and live.

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