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Born in Toronto, grew up in LA/SF, lived in Van now back in the Dot.

Picked up the camera at 16 shooting bands an dj's which lead to shooting music documentaries and web series pre-YouTube era.

Launched my business in 2007, got a neck tattoo in 2008 and never looked back since.

With a new studio located in Toronto I shoot and produce video (and photography) for small businesses and national brands while I develop my niche and aesthetic of directorial works starting with a series of Vignettes by Kalen, video portrait/bio-pics of artists, performers and entrepreneurs alike.

My goal is to achieve commercial success that allows me to travel with my work. But most of all to stay true to my core values while establishing lasting relations with clients, brands, suppliers, colleagues and new friends while we chase our dreams together in pursuit of happiness, fulfillment and creativity...but first, a coffee.

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