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I'm all about Awakening, Healing and Integrating in Mind, Body, Heart and Soul - Living the life you were born to live and Living your PURPOSE. Check out my new site KaliCathie.com for more on that.

Here I will share with you talks on personal growth and development along the path of evolving Mind, Body, Heart, Soul and of course Will. I'll also share with you meditations and self hypnosis sessions as soon as I can to help you along your path of awakening. In the meantime you get a free Self Hypnosis MP3 download called "Being You" when you sign up to MalaHypnotherapy.com and another for Tapping into Your "Natural Brilliance" when you register for the newsletter at KaliCathie.com.

To experience the world in a greater context than the one we were bought up with is to evolve our perspective, enhance the inner workings of our body/mind complex and create a more sustainable world in which to live.

For more information see KaliCathie.com, malahypnotherapy.com or lifeformula.co.nz. Sign in for the newsletter at each site and receive free self hypnosis sessions, as well as a free four week Stop Smoking audio series at kalicathie.com.

You can go "Like" my Facebook page too at facebook.com/WhatIsMyLifePurpose if you feel so inclined.

With love and grace


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