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a.k.a „kalle“
Andreas Karlen worked as a professional Sound/LightEngineer in various live events for about 14 years once upon a time…
1996 he had the first collaboration with 3deLuxe ( and did several DMX-programming and further more development of custom strange kinetic light objects. Since 2001 almost “full employed” as a freelancer.

First contact with MESO during World Exhibition EXPO2000 in Hannover.
First contact with vvvv during EXPO2002/Switzerland. (Cyberhelvetia)
In fact AndreasKarlen is the very first user of VVVV since beta1.
During the NODE08 programmer-festival in April 2008 AndreasKarlen was honoured for his contributions to the development with an own Node.

Excerpt of References:
Light Concept, Programming, Development of mostly all custom LightObjects (e.g. a 3D-LedMatrix) for CocoonClub /Frankfurt (

Light Concept, Programming, Simulation
of a LightSculpture with 510 custom bended CCFLs inside the Football Globe Germany for the "2006 FIFA World Cup(TM)".

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