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Reinis Kalnaellis was born in April 9th 1986 in Riga. Studied filmmaking, social sciences and media at BFM, Tallinn University where achieved Bachelors Degree in Audiovisual media. Study year 2007/2008 went to study in FAMU film school in Prague as cinematography student, where successfuly leaded to extensivly colaborat with other international students and learning from tutors as Pavel Jech, Marek Jicha, Edgar Dutka, Miroslav Ondrícek, Henry Hills, Jaromír Šofr and others.

“The Fire and Clay Master” was his short experimental documenary graduation film for university.

 "When Apples Roll" was his debut in animation, produced by Rija Films, which has taken part in more than 100 film festivals worldwide (Berlinale, London Film Festival, Tokyo Kinder Film Festival) and got several awards. Best Animation for Children, Best Animation, Special Jury Distinction and others.

“Funny Alphabet” is his second directed animation film which where screened in London Film Festival.

Currentlly he is working for debut feature animated film “The Golden Horse” produced by RijaFilms/PTD/Vilanimo/CopenhagenBombay which will be released in early 2014.

Reinis is actively involved in Rija Films production and film distribution. Finding for new ways financing independent filmmaking and developing new cross media projects.

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