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Kantfish Emanuele Giusto is reporter and image artist.
His texts, reports, photographs and videos have been published in Italy L’Espresso, Il Venerdí, the Woman of the Corriere della Sera, Il Messaggero, Rai 3. In Spain El País Semanal and has collaborated with XL Semanal (cover 1.5 million copies). He has collaborated with Rolling Stone magazine in Spain, fixed-space "Survival Manual". Posted in Foreign Policy in the U.S. and in the UK Guardian.
Distributed by the Spanish Contacto agency. In spanish elections he was distributed by Associated Press and Notimex.
He is the author of the book "Around Europe with 30 €" Feltrinelli publishing.
The Grupo Planeta has published the photography-book "Angola".
Produce videos and animations for FAO Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nation. Video Official World Water Day 2012, World Water Day.
He was in the “International prize plastic art 2012 – Obra Abierta Caja Extremadura”, with the image "Movimiento linear de salida"
He graduated in Law, Univeristy of Perugia in Italy. Master in "Photography and technical image", Efti Madrid.
2013, "Nobody like Athens." Documentary.
2012 "World Water Day Official Video" FAO Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations. Animation.
2012 "Mpump" Tanzania Project FAO Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations. Animation.
2012 "2013 years zero?" Fernando Savater video entrevista for Espresso.
2012 "Chaos" art music video DDG Project.
2012 "Meg", a documentary about the artist Myrem Gonzalez.
2012 "Paraisurural I", "II Paraisurural" documentaries. Art collective Asturias, Spain.
2010 "Far West Luanda", documentary (published in L'Espresso, El País)

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