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As one of the top newspapers in Spain recently wrote about KanZaman: “A new style of producing has been created in our country... Production companies like KanZaman are currently involved in various ambitious projects that import the ways and customs of Hollywood to our industry”. (Source: El Mundo)

KANZAMAN [Once upon a time… in Arabic] was created in January 1994 by Denise O’Dell , producer who a year earlier had set up Kanzaman s.a.m. in Monte Carlo, and producer Mark Albela.

During the first years, and before producing its own films, Kanzaman focused mainly on providing film and commercials production services to foreign companies wanting to shoot in Spain.

From then onwards, the company has continued growing and maturing to the point it now has one of the best film location libraries, an invaluable experience in managing budgets and crews of all nationalities and sizes and a solid international reputation for quality and efficiency.

From 1997, KanZaman commenced to invest heavily into its own national and international productions through its wide array of non-exclusive strategic alliances.

In 2006, KanZaman set up KanZaman France to develop, produce and coproduce in the French territory.

In 2007, KanZaman set up KanZaman Productions, Valencia in order to maximise local Valencian incentives for production.

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