(Josephine) Amber Kao

Ann Arbor

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I like fro yo, esp from pink berry. i don't like wearing shoes-i'd rather be barefoot. but i really like socks- i have to wear them to sleep. my right ear is way more sensitive than my left - if anyone were even to breath near it, i involuntarily jerk. i don't like watching movies twice. i have super-duper hyper-extended knees. i really really don't like reading books twice. my right pinky has an extra section. too much pepper equals spicy to me. i go on spring-cleaning surges about 8 times a year. i don't really like sleeping in, though I do it often. i love learning about how and why things work. i love board games, even though i usually don't win. i don't have my ears pierced. i've got a soft-spoken personality, but beware when we meet on the ultimate field - some people are still bitter at my aggression. i suck at spelling. i like almonds. i really like nuts+chocolate. i like doing puzzles with friends/family.

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