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Kirill Kara-Banchuk:
Illustrator, video artist, musician.

One summer, on the thirteenth day of the month, Friday, I was born. Twenty nine years ago. In Rostov region, Volgodonsk city. At the moment I live in Moscow

My fondness for art I've insistently expressed sicne I was a child. Started from painting on my home walls, pages of family books. Now I work with ink, paper, vector and bitmap graphics. First I graduated from art school for children, after from teacher training colleage (teacher of art for junior school). With gracious help from my professors at the colleage I was able to show my art to other people and this is what I'll be thankful to them for till the end of my days. Later I joined local artist community "Belaya Veja".

When working on my degree of art-director in advertising, I gave up painting and tried myself in animated cartoons and video editing. Now, after some time in video art Im going back to graphics. In 2010 I released my first musical album "Star T" (mixgalaxyrecords.com/releases/mixg006/). I have a twitter account (twitter.com/KaraBanchuk).

Im sure that an artist has to share his art with other people and its the mission of my life.

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