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Iam a motion graphics artist, currently working as motion graphics artist at Viola communications, based in Cairo, Egypt. My area of expertise includes motion graphics, 3D animation, broadcast design and commercial branding.
Over the last few years I gained plenty of experience whilst working for alot of clients by combining technical skills, attention to detail and creativity, I always try my best to get the most out of every project I am involved in - whether working on my own or in a team of like minded artists.
I love experimenting with various techniques, which bridge the gap between message and audience.
Iam open to new experiences and always look forward to facing new creative challenges. I enjoy working both onsite and remotely and have collaborated with clients around the world. Please
feel free to get in touch, should you be interested in working with me.

Kareem Osama
Cairo, Egypt
M: 00201003215134
E: kareem_osama@live.com


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