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London (a posh bit)

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"A technician sees a problem and fixes it. An artist sees a problem and explores it."

Karel Bata is a narrative filmmaker.

He also works with emerging technologies, such as projection mapping, and believes the best art comes from seeking out happy accidents. He strives to create works that take the audience in new and unexpected directions.

Karel was born of Czech political refugees. He had an unconventional start in the entertainment industry at Soho's infamous Gargoyle Club and the early days of the comparatively respectable Comedy Store. He has since worked extensively in theatre, the film industry, photography, and computer generated imagery.

For his MA in Stereo 3D he created several 3D shorts and a series of immersive 3D environments, involving lasers, projection mapping, and audience interaction.

Karel passionately believes that Bigger is Better, and strives for bold dramatic impact. The work is seldom a static art-piece but an environment the viewer must enter – and so experience a feast for the senses.

Karel is director of the London 3D Film Festival.


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