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  1. 01:16:07

    Vimeo Offline: Animation

    by Karen Abad

    27 Videos

    My playlist for the Vimeo Offline: Animation even held on July 15 at Monkey Town in Brooklyn, NY.

  2. 55:51

    A Study: in Memory.

    by Karen Abad

    14 Videos

    These videos' purpose is to retain moments for my memory. When I started taking medication for anxiety and insomnia, I noticed my short term memory started to deteriorate. This is to help me…

  3. 01:48:49

    A Study: in Digital Aesthetics.

    by Karen Abad

    38 Videos

    These are videos retaining moments in life's aesthetics.

  4. 34:34

    A Study: in Photomotion.

    by Karen Abad

    12 Videos

    These are videos created with Photographs.

  5. 12:17

    A Study: in Presentation.

    by Karen Abad

    3 Videos

    These are my Reels.

  6. 44:59

    A Study: in Analog - Super 8/16mm/35mm Film.

    by Karen Abad

    16 Videos

    These are films I shot on Super 8, 16mm, or 35mm Film. Most are edited on a flatbed.

  7. 34:02

    A Study: in Construction Paper Animation.

    by Karen Abad

    22 Videos

    These are stop motion videos crafted with paper.

  8. 02:03:42

    A Study: in Digital Storytelling.

    by Karen Abad

    27 Videos

    These are videos I've created that tell stories through images.

  9. 04:24:15

    A Study: in Living.

    by Karen Abad

    69 Videos

    These are digital memories of experiences in my life.

  10. 02:13:33

    A Study: in Friendships.

    by Karen Abad

    39 Videos

    These are videos I created for my Vimeo friends.

  11. 36:42

    A Study: in Love.

    by Karen Abad

    16 Videos

    Videos from my dear wonderful Vimeo Friends, who mean the world to me.

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