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Kareth Schaffer (1987, USA/NL), is a choreographer and performer who lives and works in Berlin, Germany. In her pieces Kareth investigates how dance and the stage can point to places beyond themselves, critically examining the conditions under which art is produced and how women are perceived on the stage. Her choreographic work has ranged from a very short dance piece that took place mainly in the dark to a conceptual mudwrestling tournament with a dubious 100,000 views on Youtube. Kareth is a founding member of the choreography collective temporary archipelago with Ana Laura Lozza, Lee Meir, and Claudia Tomasi. Since the beginning of her work in dance, she has worked with and for artists such as deufert&plischke, Alexandre Achour, Nestor Garcia Diaz, and Kyla Kegler. She frequently appears as a performer in the visual arts context for Tino Sehgal, Christian Falsnaes, and Yvon Chabrowski.