Karishma Choudhury

Paris, France

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Roaming over the dusts of the metropolitan city, Dhaka [capital of Bangladesh, in South Asia], Karishma was born just before the most significant change in political arena [in 1990: fall of Autocratic Govt., a 'Mass Up-Rising'] in an Independent country [since 1971].
Witnessing and holding the fast ongoing changes of urbanization, she discovered her interest in Film-Watching. And, it offers her to find out so many answers to her own existential questions. Thus, eventually, she got involved into TVC as an assistant director after three years experience of casting director, with the famous director of Bangladesh named Sameer Ahmed in his Film Production House ‘GAO’ (Bengali word, means, village) since 2007.
And, thus, someday very spontaneously she started to express her own thoughts crystallized from the different stories and events perceived in her life from this colorful, glittering and dynamic world of Advertisements and beyond it. And, then she decided to give visual images to her thoughts and she wrote her first script in 2009 at her 18. Finally in 2010 she directed and produced her first short film “Infancy”.

So many days were spent at home alone with the films, music and books when her doctor-mom and government-job-holder-dad were busy out. Karishma often prefers to be lost roaming around aimlessly. And her ever dream is to live happy-together with all her beloved ones and that’s why she is always so closely connected with everyone she loves, no matter how far they are.
Her dream leads her to make films to show all the possibilities in bringing out the same feelings among the ever-busy and rushing spectators. She has been working in London since 2010 as a freelance production runner in Articulately particulate films and after 2 years she become the assistant director of the company. After she went back to Dhaka and start producing fashion films of a renowned Company based on Dhaka and London, which is called Studio Inku. She made her 2nd film, which is a stop motion “Jhilli Billi” after making huge success on her story telling skills she went to do her bachelors in Paris at a renowned cinema school called EICAR there now she has already made 3 films and her best ones are non-fiction which is named as “Noise Silence Music” and “Playing With Wind”.


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