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Dublin, Ireland

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Karl who is primarily an actor, and has been developing as a writer for the past number of years. With his debut writing credits including: Snot Face and the Monkey Boy (Bus Project - Dublin Fringe 2007), The short film Lost In Hollywood, shot on location in L.A. in 2006, Cosmic Baby, a feature length screenplay in development, and the stage play Candy Flipping Butterflies, which was staged in Dublin and sold out it's run in April 2010. Some acting credits include: Savage –SP Films (Dir. Brendan Muldowney, Pr. Conor Barry), Craic Whores - RTE Debut (George Kane) A Dirty War - RTE Debut, The Clinic – Parallel Films/RTE , Head Rush – Zanzibar films (Dir. Shimmy Marcus), Three Crosses (Jason Figgis), Lost In Hollywood – Salad Films L.A. (Dir. Robert Soble,) Martin Dir. Sean Branigan (Best Short at the Galway Film Festival 2008), A Dublin Story, Dir. Graham Cantwell, Statistically Joe – Vico Films for MTV (Dir. Peter Foott, Pr. Cormic Fox), When the Sky Falls – Sky Pictures (Dir. John Mackenzie of The Long Good Friday) , (Short Listed for U.S. Academy Award, Best Short at the Galway Films Festival 2002) Waiting for O’Brien Dir. Andrew Sneyd (Best Début Galway Film Festival 1998), Boys’ Life (Andrew’s Lane), Spoon Fed (Dublin Fringe 2005) Whose Veins Ran Lightening (New Theatre) Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (Draiocht Theatre), Tissue, Lovers. Romeo v Juliet v Pablo (No Shame Theatre Los Angeles) Karl has just completed work in a leading role, in the feature film Where The Sea Use To Be, directed by Paul Farren and written by award winning script writter Stephen Walsh, (of How Harry Became) Where The Sea Use To Be hit the Galway Film Festival 2010.

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