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Karl J Vogt is a composer and performer from Melbourne, Australia.

A self-taught student of rock, he turned his attention to composition in 1978, studying by observation and experience for many years around the Melbourne music scene.

Karl has played professionally around Melbourne and Victoria since the height of the punk era performing post punk, solo acoustic, punk parody and avant-garde music amongst other things.

In 1995 notable musician Rowland S Howard became involved in production for an E.P. for Karl's band 'The Vortexans', a sound which was a cross between 'The Birthday Party' (Nick Cave) and 'The Beasts of Bourbon" (Tex Perkins) and 'The Scientists' (Kim Salmon).

The band became favourably known to both the public and industry figures in the Melbourne live music scene of the 1990’s.

A passionate interest in the idea of individuality in music spurred Karl on a thirty year odyssey of self discovery and the amalgamation of influences dating from early blues artists like Robert Johnson, John Lee Hooker, Bo Diddley and Mississippi John Hurt to more recent artists such as Lee Hazlewood, Johnny Cash, Nick Cave and Rowland S Howard.

Influenced by the ideas and music of 'The Legendary Stardust Cowboy', 'John Wayne's Texas Funeral', Beck Hanson, Syd Barrett, Nikki Sudden as well as 'The Residents', 'Pere Ubu' and other fringe acts Karl is always striving to portray and discover the novel and adventurous side of music. Music that explores the rough edges, rich textures and dark, vast sonic expanses that goes to make up this mystical emotional language .

To date Karl has written 270 unique and quirky songs of many genres and aims to have written 1,000 by the time this Earthly ride is over.

“Immortality is your songs being enjoyed again and again, long after you’re gone” – Karl J Vogt

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