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Filmmaker, Photographer and Explorer!

I Direct Television Commercials but love telling a great story, so I'm open to all forms of filmmaking. What excites me is to visually explore ideas, places & narratives and bring them to an audience in an engaging way. In a past life, I performed the role of a Cinematographer, shooting everything from Music Video's to Feature Films on motion picture film & digital mediums. It's my love of all things photographic that I believe empowers me to harness creative ideas and present them in a visually impactful manner. My IMDB listing is here: imdb.com/name/nm0902715/

I'm currently very active right throughout Australia & Asia working on TV commercial projects, however I'm also involved in making Documentaries, one of which is called "Broken Wings" - see brokenwings.com.au for more.

For more information about me please visit my website karlvonmoller.com or follow me on Twitter via twitter.com/karlvonmoller

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