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In the latter months of 2010, the Bradford music scene was extended yet again by witnessing the birth of the five piece band, Kascarade. As the band's construction plan evolved, three former members of the Bradford based band Faze, joined forces with two more handpicked musicians, leading them to be a circle of brothers from another mother. In the process, they moulded and welded to create a fresh approach to the new 'drum and keys' driven feel, to the already guitar based indie/pop crossover. With the natural fusion of the synth, energetic organ, guitar and drum based melting pot, the band churned out a hinge and bracket of modern, yet retro music. However, you can tell a cracking band when you can feel the music as well as hear it. Put it this way, their live shows are an exhibition of energy from the core of their music!

Thank you to Kathryn Longbottom @Cherripie18 for the write up above.

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