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Kate recently graduated from IFSS (International Film School, Sydney) in December 2014, where she completed an Advanced Diploma in Screen and Media, which was a two-year, full-time course specialising in directing, screen writing and producing for film and television. In 2013, she wrote, directed and produced; ‘The Father, Son and the Holy Spirit’ which won ‘Best Film’ and ‘Best Cinematography’ at the 48 Hour Film Festival, and then travelled to the US. Kate was the first student and female to have won this festival. Over the past two years she has written, produced and directed six short films varying from 5 minutes to 25 minutes in duration. Kate’s films have been selected the last two years for the IFSS Screening/Showcase night, and last year her film ‘A Private Matter’ won best film and was selected to screen at Mardi Gras film festival and is about to do festival rounds. Kate is currently working as a freelance editor, production designer and producer’s assistant.

Kate initially trained as an actor and has a Bachelor of Arts (Acting for Screen and Stage). During university, she began to write and direct her own self-devised pieces. Kate has worked in Sydney and Milan as a freelance production assistant for the past four years where she has worked on features, shorts, TVCs, music and corporate videos. Kate also previously worked at Macgowan Films Production Company and Christine King Casting, which was when she became certain that she wanted to pursue a career as a director.


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  1. Great showreel. Some familiar faces in there. I'd love you to work on a script I'm working on these days. A bit confronting but it looks like you can handle that!