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KATHRIN FRANK (34) born 1981 in Nürnberg, Germany. Graduated from journalism in the university of Sankt Augustin, Germany. Later she worked in Colonia for the television industry and the national radio as a news editor. She directed and produced her first documentary called “Ausgegrenzt” Zigeunerleben in Deutschland”. A documentary about the stigmatization of Roman and Sinti in Germany. This film she distributed to the national
TV channel ZDF. It had reruns for over 3 years.
In 2007 she attended an international four month seminar dedicated to documentary filmmaking in TALLER IMAGEN Buenos Aires. She also took an editing course in AVID an FINAL CUT. In 2008 she worked as author, journalist and casting director for the production company First Entertainment dedicated to television shows. During that period of time she directed and produced her second documentary about immigration and adolescent integration through the plastic arts. This project was financed by the Museumsdienst Köln foundation, from the museum Ludwig in Cologne, Germany and was broadcasted in the museum but also in
various cultural events, and festivals.
In the end of 2009 she returned to Argentina and enrolled in Universidad del Cine (FUC) in a film directing career which she finished in December 2013. Kathrin Frank participated in multiple short films. She was twice selected for the university curricular short films. Her short film called “Aurelia y un Sueño” was in the official selection in various festivals, like the Lakino Festival in Berlin, Tisfest Istanbul, ISFF Detmold. Her other Short „Intuición“ was selected for the Alcine Festival and the Cine Global Festival. She distributed the shortfilms on
her own.
She has also produced several music videos for local bands (broadcasted at the television), some video-art, shortfilms and the documentary “KM29” (in post). In October 2012 she was working for the production company RIZOMA FILMS as an assistant director and an assistant producer. She worked there together with Christoph Kühn, in his documentary about Alfonsina Storni, co-produced with VENTUAR FILMS. This documentary had his premier at the International Film festival of Mar del Plata in 2013. At the moment she is producing the feature film of the director Adrián Castro from Costa Rica. They also founded the production company Frei Films, to support their own projects and to produce audiovisual content for clients. Kathrin Frank attemped the Ventana Sur Market, the Berlinale EFM and she is officially registered as producer at the INCAA (Nacional Cinema Institut
of Argentina).


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