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Kathy Roberts, Lifetime Drugfree World Champion Powerlifter/Entrepreneur, Humanitarian, Owner/Creator of GIFTOFSTRENGTH.com®, GIFTOFSTRENGTH® Services, GIFT TO LIFT™, GIFT OF STRENGTH®, since 1999

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About Me: DRIVEN: I am a Lifetime Drugfree World Champion Powerlifter/ Entrepreneur and all around athlete. Followed my own method of training for well over 15 years w/ focus, dedication and discipline to become a champion. Over the last 15 years I've competed in the sport of powerlifting in five different weight categories setting world, national, regional and state records in each category. During that time I have been listed in the Top Twenty Strongest Lifters in the world and in the Top 50 All Time Strongest Lifters in the world. (3 Gold, Silver & Bronze medals) & Athlete of the Year. Carried torch for Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony. Carried and lit the torch for two of the Commonwealth Games opening ceremonies. My success in powerlifting has given me a springboard for opportunities, but more importantly my motivation and drive, having faith and believing that I can achieve the goals that I aspire for, having my own vision that anything is possible. It's possible to not only dream it, but to reach out and grab it.

I am also a professional photographer/videographer. I am an independent journalist who produces film and documentary as well as specialist interest stories and videos.

I am a self-driven, self-supported independent journalist. You can donate to my cause by visiting my website at: giftofstrength.com and click on the DONATE button.

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