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Katrina Sheena Smyth is a visual artist based in Belfast, N. Ireland.

She is currently studying a Master's in Fine Art at the University of Ulster, Belfast, and is also a Co-Director at Catalyst Arts, Belfast,which is a non-profit artist-led art organisation. Her work plays with psychosocial interruptions through recorded and live performance.

Smyth's live performances are composed of subtle gestures that invade the space of the viewer. 
 There is a gothic sensibility to the 'makeup' of her performative/digital-installations that sometimes drifts into the uncanny.

The artists digital work is composed of still images of recorded performance that are stitched together and sped-up. Smyth relocates the 'affect' felt by the viewer of live performance to the moving image through digital 'effects'. The artist utilises tableaux viviant (living picture) performance as an approach to making art, whereby the live body is 'paused' within a scene of meticulously considered props. It is the experience of stillness that is 'held' between the artwork/performer and the viewer that drives Smyth to re-stage these corrupted 'tableaux viviants'.

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