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Nagoya, Japan

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Katz is born in Yokkaichi, Mie Japan. Since his early age, he was surrounded by cameras and computers. At the age of 3, he began filming super 8 before engaged watching TV, and started programming before playing TV game. And he had been actively involved with track & field racing. The sitting and running long hours became the good combination during his early age.

After making a several school project films, he decided to move to Los Angeles for college education. He couldn’t speak English, or knew anybody in Los Angeles, but he arrived in LA with one suitcase. He attended Santa Monica College, and eventually California State University, Long Beach majoring film production.

After college, he has worked a several independent feature films and TV projects which had been released to the market. However, the trend of media would not just make him a filmmaker. He is now the owner of two film production companies in Los Angeles, and Japan.

Since 1996, he has self-taught web design. Then he had an opportunity to work with a several publications. He was able to experience the exciting change of media to the next level from motion picture, press, media and music industry. He became the editor-in-chief of Entertainment Today, a 40-year-old entertainment weekly. A Japanese guy, who couldn’t speak English 10 years ago, became an editor of English publication

From 2007, he began to involved with open source movement, and became a developer group member of Usagi Project, a Japanese open source group. In 2009, he became the Japanese language project manager of concrete5 CMS.

It’s very hard to describe his skill in short sentence. But he can shoot-chop-mix-market a film, design-program-maintain a web, and write-cover-edit-publish a news. Anything information and technology.

In 2010, he is about to start his new project JapanExp. With the concepts of Explore, Express and Export Japan, and using all of his experience, he will start a new media to promote cool Japan.

He values “tradition”, “innovation.” and “Mono no aware.”

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