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First and foremost I have a deep, abiding faith. I love my children, the love of my life, daughter-in-law, son-in-law to be, granddaughter and extended family. My third greatest love is that of animals; especially my 2 cats and the 20 or so raccoons I feed regularly, some of which I've given names.
That is the extent of my life since I was disabled in the early 90s; I have Fibromyalgia and Osteo Arthritis in my spine, hips, shoulders and neck. The time I have to spare, after taking care of my animals, I spend in my "Second Life"; an online 3-D community where I can do many things, physically, that are impossible to do in "real" life. I've also made many good friends there, from all over the world.
Also, since I'm adopted, I dabble a little in the search for relatives in my bloodline. It's been frustrating, but I have come across some interesting possibilities.


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