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I am a 29 yo guerilla filmmaker based in Brooklyn NY. In 2003, I traveled to Myanmar to document opium farms and female gold miners for two documentaries, Death of the Golden Triangle and Women on the Golden Road to Mandalay for Arte France. I then went on to edit the award winning documentary film Popaganda, distributed by Cinema Libre. I also produced and edited Dalai Lama: Colombia, a 56-minute behind the scenes look at the Dalai Lama’s travels in Bogota, Colombia. During the summer of 2008, I returned to Southeast Asia with Henry Rollins to produce and edit two feature films, Burma: Under the Radar and H For Hunger. Upon returning from Burma I went on to direct my first feature documentary entitled Abraham Obama, with Ron English, David Choe, and Shepard Fairey.
Apart from film, I also have extensive experience in editing reality TV, and have worked for TruTV, HGTV, WE, and OLN. For the web, I was an editor for Rocketboom, and The All For Nots, and later went on to co-create a web documentary series called Jet Set Graffiti.
I have also worked with the Smithsonian Museum where I complied over sixteen videos that were on display as part of there Nobel Prize exhibit, and have had videos displayed at Jonathan Levine Gallery and Opera Gallery(NYC), Robert Bergman Gallery (LA), and The Jim Thompson House (Bangkok).


  1. Jet Set Graffiti