KC Nwokoye

Warsaw, Poland

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KC Nwokoye is a Nigerian composer and singer-songwriter. Inspired by his native artists such as Sade, Ayo and Nneka, KC writes music deeply enshrined in soul, R&B with addidtion of ethnic influences. His debut album "Shine", which is soon to be relased, is entirely proprietary material of the Artist.

The artist lives in Poland for several years now, took a part in the first Polish edition of X-Factor. KC Nwokoye recorded a song for a soundtrack to the Polish film "Yuma" (cover of the song "Ice Ice Baby"). He is a regular performer at Old Timers Garage Katowice, the best jam sessions venue in Silesia. He also have headlined the African Festival in 2011 in ZABRZE town, and regularly performed with Zory Symphonic Orchestra.

KC Nwokoye also comes into the style of vocal house music, what he proved by collaborating with DJ Pesho and label My Music.
The duo recorded a few songs and videos, which are still very popular among radio listeners and Internet users.

Vocalist’s current material is more peaceful, romantic and refined, with interesting instrumentation and unique arrangements used in it.
The debut single from the album is the song "Caroline" which video has been made in Zory town. TV producers recognized the talent of the singer whereof result was an invitation to Good Morning TVN live show where he performed his first single. He also took part in the live recording on BalconyTV Warsaw.

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